Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rep. Dorothy Hukill -- Deregulation

Aggressive, unnecessary government regulation hurts businesses and raises costs for everyone. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are in a constant struggle with government red-tape that serves no purpose except to restrict our freedom and our economic growth.

Later today, the Florida House of Representatives will hold a final vote on my bill, HB 5005. If it passes, this strong legislation will confront outdated regulations head-on. By removing artificial government barriers, HB 5005 will encourage entrepreneurs to do business in our state, while making it easier for them to add private-sector jobs and power our economic recovery.

Opinion leaders from across the country are taking notice of this important legislation. It has received favorable coverage in magazines like Forbes and Reason, while both Americans for Prosperity and the Institute for Justice are strong supporters of this bill.

Unfortunately, other members of the media have distorted what the bill would actually do.

Simply put, HB 5005 will retire a host of outdated regulations that affect many professions in Florida, while leaving in place the consumer protections and public health safeguards that are essential for the marketplace to function correctly.

In many cases, the state of Florida regulates businesses just for the sake of regulating. This type of regulation does nothing to enhance public safety; it merely adds to the cost of doing business, which often gets passed on to the consumer. HB 5005 will correct this imbalance, by de-regulating certain professions in a precise, targeted way -- while still keeping in place the protections that Florida's consumers have come to expect.

I'm confident this legislation will make Florida a more business-friendly environment in the future, and will ultimately encourage new investment and job creation. I hope you will stand with me and support this important legislation today.


Dorothy L. Hukill

State Representative, District 28

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