Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don Hensarling, Our Florida 9.12 Project Coordinator Files Lawsuits Against the Fake Tea Party Party.

Deficiencies In Qualifying Paperwork Plague TEA Political Party Candidates

August 11, 2010
Contact:  Don Hensarling      

Tampa - Don Hensarling, a conservative activist from the Tampa Bay Area, filed multiple lawsuits related to deficiencies in qualifying paperwork surrounding several TEA political party candidates. It is important that the public knows that the TEA political party and its registered candidates are not associated with the tea Party movement.
"The TEA political party appears to be an organized effort to confuse and mislead conservative voters and is not a part of the real Tea Party movement," said Mr. Hensarling. "The Chairman of the movement, Fred O'Neal, is a former Democrat and the political party's top political advisor, Doug Guetzloe, has ties to Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson. These questionable associations coupled with rampant deficiencies in qualifying paperwork  of the TEA party candidates paint a picture of deception and form what I believe to be an attempt to mislead conservative voters, effectively aiding the Democrats."
Many TEA political party candidates didn't join the TEA political party until hours before filing to run for office, share addresses with other members, and didn't pay their own filing fees. Additionally, many candidates paid their filing fees before opening campaign accounts and several candidates have filed and qualified for districts hundreds of miles away from their actual residences.
"I was troubled to read accounts that discuss the TEA political party being led by Fred O'Neal and Doug Guetzloe, who apparently have strong ties to ultra liberal congressman Alan Grayson, and their recruiting a group of questionable candidates, several of whom were Democrats until recently and live hundreds of miles away from the districts they are running in," continued Mr. Hensarling. "I think it's important to step forward to protect the real Tea Party movement, our conservative candidates and the Florida voters. I hope that through these lawsuits voters will be protected from inadvertently supporting candidates who aren't affiliated with the authentic grassroots Tea Party movement."
The grassroots Tea Party movement is constitutionally conservative, but many TEA political party candidates were registered Democrats who recently changed their affiliation, or have no voting history at all. TEA political party founder Fred O'Neal has alleged that he created this party as an attempt to punish incumbent moderate Republicans, but in actuality there are no incumbent Republicans in the majority of races with a TEA political party candidate, which leads to more questions surrounding TEA political party façade and their efforts to confuse conservative voters. 
Lawsuits were filed against the following TEA political party candidates: Juanita Virone (House District 35), Margaret Dunmire (Congressional District 8), Darrin Dunmire (House District 40), and Jonathan Foley (House District 41) in Orange County.
Additional lawsuits are likely to follow.

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