Monday, May 24, 2010

VOLUSIANS! They say look elsewhere for water; "the aquifer will soon be depleted"

From: Melonie
Date: Thursday, April 29, 2010, 6:41 PM

For Volusia's CitizensWhether we know it or not, the issue of 'water' affects every one of our cities and communities in Volusia; from Deltona/Enterprise/Osteen, DeBary/Orange City to DeLeon Springs and Pierson.  From Ormond to Edgewater.  

Please read on.

My Husband, being in the energy field, is turning up very troubling information as it relates to 'sustainable development' intrusions into our local municipalities and binding legislation regarding our water supply.  This 'green' movement is very entrenched at our state level and making in-roads locally especially as it pertains to the use of our aquifer.  The 'Progressives' use the same strategy as with 'healthcare reform', 'cap & trade', etc.  They start out with a fear-based premise like our 'water is running out!'  Their 'premise' must always be challenged along with the 'studies' they cite in support of their premise.  Left unchallenged, these organizations like Florida's Water Mgmt. District then force our local gov'ts. to come up with solutions...all very expensive. 

When you examine the list of counties/cities targeted for water rationing/metering/denial based on fearmongering like, 'the aquifer will be soon depleted',  one quickly sees that these communities lie along the St. John's River waterway which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean as well as cities on the coastline!  

Florida's Water Mgmt. District is threatening to deny any further ground water withdrawal permits come 2013 telling Volusia we have to go elsewhere and have water piped in.  Imagine the cost!!!!  Imagine we can't pay it...follow this line of thought and the conclusion is most troubling.  On a private well like us?  Don't think you're safe... discussions for 'us' entail well-metering or connection and piped in water at our expense, of course.

This all fits in with the U.N.'s Agenda 21 'Sustainable Development' strategy which I spoke to you about recently (Introductory link to this subject is found below so you can begin to see for yourself.)  We need to realize that this is not about the water supply or protecting the environment.  It is about  stealing more and more of our hard earned tax dollars, using eminent domain for governmental seizure of privately held land and ultimately,  the loss of the right to private property.

 No one knows much about it, it is complex but the Progressives are well versed and under the banner of 'protecting the environment', they are advancing their agenda with a vengeance to take that which lies at the heart of freedom... private property! 

Here's a recent e-mail from a Tampa patriot about Spokane patriots fighting back.  We must fight back too (maybe not tonight, but very soon.) 

Thank you, Volusia's Patriots for all that you are doing for Freedom! 
Mark and Melony

P.S. You'll see 'ICLEI' referenced below (International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives).  They are a direct arm of the U.N. and my Husband just discovered that someone in our Volusia County gov't. submitted and is paying for Volusia County to now 'enjoy' membership in ICLEI as of 2010
City Mayors are the key figure in the implementation of 'sustainable development' at the most local level.  That is why we must really 'vet' closely all who would be mayors in our respective cities.  If any reading this would like more information, please let me know.

Media Release

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON……Members of Spokane Patriots, the action driven Tea Party, will be filing several citizens’ initiatives with the Spokane City Clerk at 4:00 PM, Thursday, 8 April.
The first citizens’ initiative would effect a charter amendment regarding preventing the city from implementing aspects of the Mayor's sustainability task force by preventing the city from adopting any regulations, taxation, or other policies which would be targeted specifically towards modifying greenhouse gas emissions.
The second citizens' initiative would effect a charter amendment relating to preventing membership in and relationships with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), the United Nations, and other organizations undermining United States Sovereignty.
“The citizens of Spokane have grown tired of watching the city spend our tax dollars legislating, regulating, and threatening our property rights, all in the name of global climate change,” stated Meg Doherty, Spokesperson of Spokane Patriots. “Spokane was duped by the IPCC. Much of the ‘sustainability action plan’ is based on a massive fraud.”
“Spokane Patriots and many others in the city of Spokane are ready to hit the streets for an all out signature gathering effort if needed,” she added.
.... article continued at link below... including their legal documents drafted to get the ICLEI out of their government.  Is this something we can use in our own communities?!_20100410407/

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