Friday, May 28, 2010

John Masiarczyk - for Mayor, City of Deltona -- Image


The Dictionary carries several meanings for the word “Image“. The one I find the most interesting is “ the perception of someone or something that is held by the public”. We think about our personal image, the image of our home or our vehicle but how often do we think about the image of our neighborhood, our community or our City? For most, probably not very often.

You might feel that what you think isn’t important and nothing can be done or will change things. Not so, you can make a difference. Know what’s going on in your community, talk to your neighbors, the people at your local businesses, church and at the Post Office. It may surprise you that they feel the same way.

With elections only a few months away consider this. What is the image you have of your City, its Elected Officials or the candidates in the upcoming elections? What have they done to make the image of our City better? Many say that Deltona needs to improve its image. Tell them how you feel about the negative things people have said and ask what they intend to do to improve Deltona’s image. When you hear a negative comment about your City do you nod in agreement, because you are embarrassed by what you hear or do you defend your City? You can correct the misconception of others, thus improving our image, by electing city officials with the skills and determination to improve our image in the eyes of others.

Research the candidates; know what they have done and their plans to improve Deltona. Then when elected, hold them accountable. You have a right to be Proud of your City, and it’s Elected Officials.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by John Masiarczyk for Mayor, City of Deltona.

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